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15 Foods That Naturally Cleanse And Detox The Body

    Food is the best medicine when it comes to cleansing the body of harmful toxins. It is good to detox the body every now and then, whether you decide to mono-meal a certain fruit for a week or…Read more

How Acidic Foods Affect The Body

  A variety of health problems can occur when the body is in an acidic state. When body fluids become too acidic, we enter a state of acidosis in which illness and disease can manifest. If you consume a Standard…Read more

7 Signs You Need To Be Getting More Vitamin D

  The benefits of vitamin D, backed up by tons of research, ring loud and clear: strong bones, improved mood, even more efficient weight loss. But signs that you’re low on the nutrient are a bit quieter. If you notice one…Read more

Happy New Year! What Foods Are You Eating Today?

    If you grew up in the South — or you’ve been here any length of time — you know that on New Year’s Day, there are several foods you just have to eat in order to have good…Read more

11 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

You may not realize it, but while you’re bumming it on the couch catching up on your favorite shows, your body is working hard to help you burn calories. How is that even possible? Your sweet, sweet metabolism. The cool…Read more

Do NOT Do This After Exercising

  Working out can work up your appetite, but…don’t go reaching for a greasy slice of pizza or loaded French fries after your cardio session. To put things into perspective, your typical buffet meal can run you about 1000 calories…Read more

The Best Foods For Runners

Most supermarkets stock more than 30,000 items, yet every time we race up and down the aisles of the grocery store, we toss into our carts the same 10 to 15 foods. Which isn’t such a bad thing, as long…Read more

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